Services we offer

Specialist dentistry that’s

a really positive experience.

We’ve designed our clinic, our processes and our services
to make a difference when it’s needed most.

Who we’re for.

We’re for all kids—but we specialise in a few areas too.



Dr Tony is highly experienced in managing children with complex medical conditions and works closely with other medical specialists.

Emergency and 

trauma services.

Accidents can be stressful and traumatic—we access hospitals and anaesthetists, so you don’t wait to treat dental trauma.


management cases.

Challenging behaviours require understanding, care, and the right approach and tools to overcome fears and deliver lifelong positive attitudes.

Development issues 

(chalky teeth).

Enamel hypoplasia or chalky teeth is a common condition Dr Tony treats, and about which he regularly lectures and attends global conferences.

Severe baby 

tooth decay.

Severe Early Childhood Caries (SECC) is both hugely common and often complicated and stressful. It’s also very treatable and recoverable.



knowledge sharing.

Dr Tony enthusiastically lectures to dentistry students at University of Queensland in Brisbane, Griffith University on the Gold Coast, and to many continuning education dentists.

How we work.

We’re experts in the science and evidence—and compassionate
and understanding of the more human dimensions.

Happy gas

For children who can tolerate a mask, happy gas (or sedation) provides exceptionally safe and comforting reduction in stress and discomfort.

Behaviour management

Challenging behaviours require understanding, care, and the right approach and tools to overcome fears and deliver lifelong positive attitudes.

General anaesthetic

When general anaesthetic is required for treatment, our dedicated team regularly use the first class equipment, hand-picked specialist anaesthetists and caring paediatric nursing staff of the Gold Coast Private Hospital.

With other dental professionals

We will work closely with your referring dentist or therapist and will return you to their capable care after treatment is complete and the condition is stable.


Dr Tony and his support team work with referring practitioners on prevention strategies that are both ‘hands-on’ and motivational.

Pro bono

In some very special cases, children are so disadvantaged, medially compromised, and experiencing such distress due to dental pain, that Dr Tony and the team reduce or waive the costs.

What we fix.

Find out more about the dental issues Dr Tony fixes every day—straight
from the horse’s mouth.

Chalky Teeth

Severe Baby Tooth Decay

Kids Dental Prevention & Education

How we charge.

The cost of dentistry is the biggest barrier for kids to access treatment.


All fees will be clearly explained after the initial consultation.


We’ll use every available resource to make the payments mananagable, such as a 12 month interest free plan.


Our prices are competitive within the dental industry, we strive to be affordable.

How you can pay.

Dentistry isn’t cheap—so we work passionately to minimise the burden—let’s look at ways to pay.

Direct payment

We have HICAPS terminals, so you can claim your health fund rebates on the spot—we also take cash and credit card payments.

Child Dental Benefits Scheme

Although we don’t bulk bill, you can take your paid invoice to Medicare to access your entitlement—Medicare does not cover treatment in hospital.

Third party funding

12 months interest-free finance with Zip Money* for the entire cost including dental, anaesthetic and hospital fee—to help you spread payments out over time.

Early release super

If you’re an Australian citizen with funds in your superannuation we can help you apply for their release on compassionate grounds.


Please note that any treatment in hospital is not covered by Medicare—we think this needs changing, and we’re fighting for a fairer system.

Public path—the last resort.

If all else fails, if your child is over 4 years old and has a health care card, you can try the free public system on 1800 188 295 at Griffith University Hospital Dental Clinic, where your child will be assessed and placed on a 12-24 month waiting list for general anaesthetic.

*Credit check applies

We’re serious about paediatric dentistry

Our memberships & teaching affiliations.


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