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Gold Coast’s specialist paediatric dentistry clinic designed for supportive,
safe and positive experiences.

Special Needs Dentist:
Children's Dentist Gold Coast

Dentistry services
designed to make a

And make kids love dental.

WE’RE FOR.. positive dentistry.

Kids with 

special needs.

As kids dental specialists on the Gold Coast, we blend a friendly clinic with serious and qualified dental expertise from paediatric dentists—and access to anaesthetists and hospitals to offer complete dental care for:

• Kids with challenging behaviours
• Kids with serious dental issues
• Kids with special needs
• Kids not suited to standard dentistry

WE’RE FOR.. making a difference.

Prevention, relief,
expertise and fairness.

As special needs dentists on the Gold Coast, we use the latest technology and facilities. We collaborate across the spectrum of dental services and dental health to provide a range of dental treatments including:


• Happy gas (or safe sedation)
• General anaesthetic and surgery
• Collaboration with Oral Health Therapists
• Educational and preventative programs
• Flexible, transparent and fair pricing

WE’RE FOR.. the care kids need.

Serious and specialist
dental conditions.

As a paediatric dental clinic on the Gold Coast, we treat serious and specialist conditions. Our dental practice brings years of experience and to bear on all aspect of our dental care, including:


• Surgical specialist services
• Enamel hypoplasia (chalky teeth)
• Severe baby tooth decay (SECC)
• Stainless steel crowns (silver)
• Zirconia crowns (white)
• White fillings, space maintenance
• Fissure sealants

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Dentistry can change young lives.

That’s why it’s our vocation.

We live on the Gold Coast and service South East QLD and Northern NSW.
We’re for supporting and providing education to our referrers so the kids in our community get the best possible care.

Life changing
dental for kids.

Easy as one, two, three

Referral or call.

You’ve most likely been referred by another professional—but if you have specific concerns you can contact us directly.

Let’s get started.


A comprehensive 45-min consultation reviewing x-rays and notes, then laying out all your treatment options and cost estimates.

A solid and affordable plan.

Treatment and recovery.

Receive expert specialist care in state-of-the-art facilities to provide the best experience possible. After successful recovery, safely return to your dentist.

We’ve got you covered.

Paediatric Dental Clinic:
Paediatric Dental Practice Gold Coast

Dr. Tony loves sharing dental knowledge.

Oral health is all about information.

Oral-B: 0-2 Years–Keeping teeth healthy

Severe Baby Tooth Decay

Kids Dental Prevention & Education

We’ve assembled some awesome resources to empower you
towards better oral health.

We’re serious about paediatric dentistry

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